I’ve created this blog to update people on the progress of my forthcoming memoir, and to further discuss several of the topics that come up throughout my writing and research. I have a bachelor’s degree in math education, but another passion of mine is to help open the eyes of the middle class. We need to stop pretending that things such as drug addiction, eating disorders, or lack of mental/emotional health, don’t have an enormous impact on our lives. Ignoring these issues will not protect us or our children.

I grew up in a nice middle class suburb. I was giving all the opportunities an average person could hope for. As a young adult, it was nearly impossible for me to recognize the advantages I had over the less fortunate. Easy access to medicine cabinets led to occasional pill popping. Months later, I’m snorting heroin, and telling myself it’s the same thing as the pills. Before I knew what hit me, I am a full blown addict; dropped out of school, jobless, homeless, and alone.

I was lucky to survive, and hope to prevent other from making the same mistakes. Through my education and life experience, I’ve come across many issues that the middle class doesn’t want to see. I plan to use this blog as a forum for the discussion of these topics. Also, occasional  updates will be provided on the progress of ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ (TDDUP). Please follow to keep posted. A bimonthly email will notify you.

‘War Zone’ a chapter from TDDUP will appear in Inscape Magazine this coming April 2013. More information will be available as April approaches.

Illustrations by Ryan Herberholz. See more of his work at ryanherberholz.com

You can contact me at curtis.rucket@gmail.com

Thanks for your support!

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Curtis,

    This could have come at a better time! My sister has epilepsy and is pumped full of unnecessary medicines which have eroded the lining of her stomach. A few friends and I were having this conversation a few days ago and we quoted Pink’s song,”Just Like A Pill, Instead Making Me Better It’s Making Me Ill.” Thank you for this thought provoking and thorough blog that examines the truths we often do not want to hear. I can not wait to read more and will gladly spread the word.


  2. Over-prescribing medications in this country today is destroying all of us in more ways than we (or the medical community) want to admit. We all have someone in our own lives that this craziness affects. It needs to be stopped.

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