Excerpt from TDDUP ‘Meet Ms. Heroin’

‘Meet Ms. Heroin’

My heart begins to race, the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention. My body temperature rises. The decision is already made, the bill is in my hand, and there are no questions left to ask. I can’t stop the arousal I feel inside, my body eagerly awaits this new experience. My leg starts shaking, but Keith can’t tell.

I swallow hard, pushing any small skepticism deep down. Keith watches, trying to act casual, but unknowingly smirks in anticipation. I lean in halfway, before glancing back at Keith. He sniffles and says, “It’s fine,” waiving me off. I go in all the way, and strongly suck up the remaining half line. I turn my head from the dope, coughing uncontrollably, and fight off my weak gag reflex, before gaining my composure.


Tilting my head back, I suck in one last time, then head to the fridge. I look back cringing, “Ugh,” shaking my head, “tastes like sssh-it!”

Keith follows, “Huh well, so do the pills, right?” his grin turns to laughter.

We high-five, but I purposefully smack his hand with much more force. “Ah, fucking asshole,” he yells. I grab a can of Pepsi, hand still tingling, and go to the back deck. The sun is already over the trees. My eye’s water, I sneeze, then sit down and lay my head back. My hands run over my pant pockets, finally pulling out a cigarette. I take a drag, feeling, listening, attempting to get a sense of this strange new substance now coursing through me.

My stomach starts to sway. In an instant, my eyelids get heavy, blood is boiling, and orientation off. I again bring the cigarette up to my lips. Keith comes out the side door, I sniff, turn to face him, and the chalky dirty heroin slides down the back of my throat. I lunge off the deck and expel my breakfast onto the lush green lawn.

Before I can lift my head, I am met by the comforts of my future wife. My unsettled stomach, relaxes. She wraps her arms around me. I feel safe, happy, peaceful. I slowly stumble back to the chair and plop down. All stress is dashed away; I’m floating on air. It feels like I can breathe for the first time in my entire life! The warm rays of the sun take me far away, somewhere deep in my head. Palm trees, waves crashing, birds overhead, calm, relaxed, silence.

“Tis?! . . . Urtis?! . . . Curtis?!” Keith shouts, finally bringing me back into reality.

I shake my head, “Yeah, yup,” my hand swings knocking the bottle of tanning oil off the table, before mumbling, “I’m here.”

“Pretty sick huh?” Keith asks, half laughing and completely high.

I turn to respond, but doing so sends my stomach sailing. I quickly make it for the lawn, before vomiting again and again. On all fours now, spit and bile dangle from my mouth, my eyes water. I gain my senses, look up at Keith, and smile big, “This is awesome!” I say with an emphatic nod. My head hangs low, I spit the stray saliva and chunks to the side, and mutter to myself, “Awesome. Fucking awesome.”

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